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Floyd EP
Dief & Baker
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This is bliss-heavy house music from London pairing Dief & Baker, who only unleashed their first sonic salvo last year. 'YGT' is the pick of this spine-tingling bunch.

Habit EP
ASL Singles Club

A terribly generous five-track EP from Montreal's ASL Singles Club, courtesy of Wolfey. 'Time Constraints' and 'Habit' sound like house standards, while 'Bittersweet' channels Mr Heard.

Nomina EP
Simon Hinter
Tenth Circle

German producer Simon Hinter turns out a blinder for Tenth Circle. 'Regenmacher' is an atmospheric builder, while 'The Cop' and 'Adhs' recall early years Bob Sinclar. Marvellous.

Deep Draw EP
Lo Shea
Hope Works

The man behind Sheffield's eminent Hope Works warehouse venue — where the likes of Theo Parrish, Carl Craig and Kyle Hall have turned it out — Lo Shea launches a gleaming new label, taking on the mantle from his now defunct Seaghdha imprint. 'Capacity Creep' is a mucky, slightly sinister warehouse anthem if ever there was one, its stark synths paying tribute to LFO. On the flip side, 'Black Plate', with its punishingly basseous (yes, that probably is a word) kick pulses relentlessly, and should ideally be accompanied by a single strobe light.

Unity EP
Francisco Allendes feat Felipe Venegas
Be As One

A tale of two sides here. Chilean sometime Desolat/Cadenza don Allendes soothes the soul with 'Unity', a collaboration with countryman Felipe Venegas. It's a heady pairing, and a beguiling, hypnotic groove you never want to end. On the flip, it's firmer, heads-down gear with the sparse '3 Dogs 1 Bed', a masterclass in understated, minimal drama, and 'Forget the Sun', which hums and throbs before introducing Chandler-esque percussion which should have the New Jersey don watching his not inconsiderable back.

Daniel Trim
Glasgow Underground

Barcelona's Daniel Trim returns on Kevin McKay's Glasgow Underground with a storming three-tracker, the title banger 'H.O.U.S.E.' being one of those groove-heavy rollers that can flip a good party into the realms of a great party. Over, 'Our Light' manages to straddle the dizzyingly intricate with the gloriously anthemic. Always impressive, if you can carry it off. 'Rainbow Rising', meanwhile, is primed for those 5am dancefloors which, frankly, deserve to be freaked out. A jacking Detroit-style groove with European sensibilities.


Dauwd's been a buy-on-sight artist for this page for some time now, and this second excursion on Cologne's eminent Kompakt — a label which arguably feels more like his spiritual home than Michigan's equally illustrious Ghostly International, which has also released his work — is perfectly pitched. Neither title track 'Saleh' or 'Moiety' will drag you in instantly, but once they do and you realise the craft that's gone into this pair of unctuous delights — 'Moiety' in particular — you'll be a slave to them. Go on, stick it on again.

Impellizzeri & Stupia Vs Mendo
Circus Recordings

Majestic stuff from Yousef's Circus Recordings, and something of a departure from the imprint's usual, club-heavy gear. Italians Mario Impellizzeri and Luigi Stupia hypnotise with 'Gelatine', a ponderous, captivating slow-burner, clamorous marimbas layered in Steve Reich style over what sound like playground field recordings twisted up and spat out. It's a truly beautiful thing. Mendo provide a further three mixes — of graduating intensity — in case the original isn't quite dancefloor-ready enough for you.

Naked Naked

Lorca's second outing on Breach's Naked Naked, and the second Naked Naked release reviewed on this page. Loving your work, chaps. Sam Cassman is on blazing form here. 'Calcutec' sounds simple enough, but half the joy of this synth-loaded, shuffling monster is peeling back the layers. They are many. Similarly, 'Ndlamu' is ostensibly a clattering glut of African-influenced drums and a bassline. But though the palette seems limited, creating something as captivating as this is a feat. It's devastating.

The Holy Mountain EP
Les Points
Les Points

This fourth release from Les Points — aka the Italo-Swiss axis of Nicola Kazimir, Audino, Louh and Barbir — is another quietly superb EP. It's easy to be taken in by the understated, warming-yet-unsettling wonderfulness of 'Rhodes of Kunlun', which bleeps and blips beneath soothing Rhodes keys, or the shuffling depth of Rozzo's remix of 'The Holy Mountain'. But then there's the wonky intrigue of 'Cosmointeruptus', which you should overlook at your peril, not to mention the mind-bending 'Transform'. Jeez, these guys have got it going on.

Breach & Cinnaman
Naked Naked

Ben Westbeech — thoroughly unstoppable at the moment, by the way — is a resident of Amsterdam these days, hence this glistening hook-up with Cinnaman, aka Yuri Boselie, part of the city's peerless Rush Hour crew and resident at Trouw, the pop-up club which popped up several years back and has come to define the city's underground sound [though it's sadly closing soon - ed]. This pair of tracks from this pair of luminescent gents (on Westbeech's own label) are stunning. 'Avocado' is thick with synths building and swirling to near insanity, weighed with a steadying bassline, while 'Liberty' veers wildly from darkness to light. Thoroughly inspiring.