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Wild Luv
Roach Motel
Get Physical

Farley and Heller's 1994 wild pitch anthem 'Wild Luv' gets a reinvigorating re-rub thanks to Get Physical. The original version and DJ Pierre's towering take are both present and most correct.

In the Box
Andreas Saag
Local Talk

Mad Mats and Tooli present Andreas Saag's third release on their Local Talk imprint. It's great, as per, the skippy, garage anthem 'Suddenly I Woke Up' just edging it.

Mr Top Hat & Art Alfie

Karlovak chaps Top Hat & Art Alfie are at it again, busting out a pair of dirty disco devastators that simply won't quit. Karlsson's dub is totally irresistible.

The Young Gentleman's Adventure Party/You're Gonna Miss Me
The Young Gentleman's Adventure Society/Parada 88
International Feel

Here's a re-issue you really can't be without. These two Italo slammers, from International Feel's very own Mark Barrott, sell for genuinely daft money on Discogs, so miss it and miss out.

Love Taking Over EP
17 Steps

No one could accuse Dusky of lacking confidence. Nick Harriman and Alfie Granger-Howell's lush production oozes it. 'Love Taking Over' is deliciously moody, reminiscent of lost jungle mixtapes from the mid-'90s. On the flip, 'Inta' goes as far as to sample Grooverider's dark rave standard of the same name, unleashed under his Inta Warriors alias. Loading it with dark stabs, chanting piano chords pull it from the gloom and into the dazzling light. Winding up with the equally girthsome 'Expectations', you just have to take your hat off to them.

Sense of You EP
Jay West & Manuel Sahagun feat Cody ChesnuTT
Klangkultur Schallplatten

Cody ChestnuTT (basically the reincarnation of Marvin Gaye) proffers a joyously brassy love song in his version of his own track 'Til I Met Thee', released back in 2012, a treatise on life being a bit of a waste of time until the right person comes along. Here, Argentineans Jay West and Manuel Sahagun transform it — well, snippets of his transcendent vocal at least — into a mournful and magnificent house anthem of the most understated stripe. It will play your heartstrings like a banjo. The remixes, while able, have little hope of topping the original.

Real Dubz
Max Graef & Mic Newman
Love Fever Records

Berlin's Max Graef and Fantastic Man — aka Mic Newman — got together last year, and thank goodness they did, because this is a stunning two-tracker for east London's excellent Love Fever imprint. 'Soothe Me' busts out that wonky Detroit style, its jazzual synths somehow abstract but still locked in over the panel-beating loop. Over, there's 'At the Flip', all crackling 808/909 percussion, with a sliced and diced old school piano. While the classic house revival becomes more and more wearisome, it's the real quality that starts to stick out, sore thumb-like.

Panthera Krause

Inspired by the pioneering hound Laika, the unfeasibly brave Russian space dog who became the first animal to orbit the Earth, this gorgeousness from Robert Panthera Krause pays a most fitting tribute. 'Through My Mind' is blissful, yet strangely melancholy. The throbbing 'Isla' is all minor chords and building textures too, resplendent with soothing flutes. 'If' wilfully breaks up beats, before hitting its pulsing rhythm about halfway through. 'Dubček', meanwhile, is delightful dub house disco, loaded with ghostly orchestral stabs. 

Friends EP
Seven Davis Jr

LA producer Seven Davis Jr has turned out some classic, well, Classic with this sterling three-tracker. Derrick Carter and Luke Solomon's venerable imprint has always had 'a sound', and this is it, nailed, mixed, pressed up and in your hand. 'Friends' goes all Bobby McFerrin, acappella rhythms layered together with a deep and profound sense of funk. 'Beautiful', meanwhile, staggers and clatters its way to groove-induced euphoria, hints of Prince ever present. Meanwhile, the live edit of 'One' makes this twisted disco love song swing. So, so good.

Speicher 79

Great Dane Rune Reilly Kölsch turns it out for Kompakt Extra's Speicher strand, presenting 'Speicher 79'. And it's towering stuff, both tracks a variation on a theme to some extent. 'Papageno' is a mind-bending, shape-shifting, big room anthem. Building to a psych-techno crescendo, he introduces soul-soothing pianos after the swelling madness, before luring you back into the labyrinth. Over, 'Cassiopeia' also features pianos, but more the hands-in-the-air type. It will be the soundtrack for countless dancefloor 'moments' this summer, and deservedly so. Bravo!

Come Into My House EP
Seb Wildblood

After trips out with Kerri Chandler's Madtech, not to mention the shimmering 'Barcelona', incongruously released on Skint, Seb Wildblood uses his own south London-based imprint Church, which he runs with fellow producer Apes, for this latest EP. And reverence is very much the name of the game. 'Hunney' pays its dues to the great Larry Heard, with mournful chords and a deep sense of soul, while Edmondson submits a deceptively emotive remix. Aptly entitled 'Warm' is languid and luscious, laced with atmospherics, featuring a textured, arp-heavy version from Apes.  

Hue-Man Made
Damon Bell
Meda Fury

Best of luck trying to extricate 'Hue-Man Made' from your brain once it's taken root. Using a Malian vocal and bassline, the crowning jewel in Deepblak alumnus Damon Bell's four-tracker for the R&S affiliated alt-house label Meda Fury is a real piece of Afro-house mastery, thick with brass and flutes, but eschewing the obvious tropes wheeled out when house music meets the music of Africa. It's bare and brilliant. 'Radius', with its scattered percussion, coagulates into a pulsing 4/4 come the final act. 'Enthusiastic Minor' is beamed in from deepest space, while closer 'Resist Her' is a lo-fi piano house anthem truly inspired in its simplicity.